Ultimate Air Dogs



Lake Michigan Credit Union Waterfront Stage

Started in 2005 by former Detroit Tigers Pitcher
Milt Wilcox, & his son Brian, Ultimate Air Dogs has soared to the top simply because of a down to earth attitude, grass-roots background, and ability to make every competitor feel welcome! The philosophy of UAD is all about “family”. This is not a discipline sport in that two handlers are allowed on the dock at a time to help Fido stay in a “sit”.

From the smallest jumper to the biggest Ultimate high flyer, all breeds (mix or purebred) any size (Yorkies to Great Danes) are encouraged… as long as they can swim!

Your dog doesn’t have to jump 20ft to get a ribbon! Ultimate Air Dogs created the Divisional Finals, where the top 5 dogs from each division are invited to compete in a Grand Finale! We put the dogs first by providing more open dock time than any other organization. Whenever possible, our dock is open for practice. If dogs are having difficulty learning, our crew of volunteers will often provide free help between activities. Every Ultimate Air Dog is equally special. All mixes and breeds are welcome!

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Tickets on sale June 1st, 2022

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