Carnival – Tuesday


Tuesday, August 1st through Saturday, August 5th

Located Downtown in Harbor Front and Covenant Life parking lot. The annual Coast Guard Festival Carnival strives to provide a friendly environment for adults and children alike. Furnishing the midway with over two dozen carnival rides, family friendly games, professional food concessions in our food court, and guest amenities like an on-site ATM and help desk, there is something to appease the whole family. Friendly staff engage in providing the best experience possible! Respect and courtesy are at the top of the list for guests.

Date Daily Special Hours of Operation
Tuesday $25 daily armband 6pm-11pm
Wednesday $25 daily armband 2pm-11pm
Thursday 12pm-4pm $20 armband    4pm-11pm  $30 armband 12pm-11pm
Friday 12pm-4pm $20 armband    4pm-11pm  $30 armband 12pm-11pm
Saturday Valid from 12pm-4pm: $20 armband; tickets only after 4pm 12pm-11pm
Tickets available daily for $5 for 4 tickets or a ticket special $50 for 50 (For individual tickets, please have exact change)


Tickets Not Available