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Ultimate Air Dog Registration Form

Note: This registration form is for trainers showing dogs, not for attendees buying tickets.

Ultimate Air (Distance jumping) is the main feature of our events. Dogs run down a dock and fly into a pool – the distance is judged from the end of the dock nearest the waters’ edge, to the base of the dog’s tail. culminating at the end of the event with our Divisional Finals. Mainstream dock jumping events are judged one of two ways – by camera or by human eye. The only way of getting an accurate jump distance by camera, is if there are multiple camera’s setup at several points on the pool, with an additional camera in an aerial position. On the average, most dock jumping pools are not shorter than 40ft, and dogs jump anywhere from 1ft to 30ft. The dogs that jump directly at the mounted position of the camera will have an accurate call, but all others will be off.

Each dog runs on their own, meaning this is not side-by-side racing. There will be three different showtimes for the dogs to jump at. The showtimes are 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. We also will offer “try it times” or practice times between each show. The practice times will take place at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm and it gives the opportunity for your dog to be able to practice before competing.

Ultimate Air Dogs Event Rules

1. The Event Judge always has the final say. Any questions should be directed to Milt or Brian Wilcox, or Vic Sparano.
2. A Judge may not judge his/her own dog or family dog(s). A Judge may jump his dog if there is a 2nd judge (not related) willing to judge him.
3. Female dogs in heat are banned from the event premises. 4. Dogs must be AT LEAST 6 months old, and you may be asked for proof if your dog looks too young. Special circumstances are considered if you have an exceptional swimmer that is younger than 6 months old, but keep in mind that it is solely at the discretion of the event Judge. Please ask the Secretary if you can speak to the Judge because you would like your pup evaluated for competition. The event Judge can test the pup’s swimming ability, and it is up to him/her if they will allow your dog in.
5. Your dog must be considered an above average swimmer. This is the dog that has no fear in the water and will swim out for his/her toy with no extra splashing or flailing about. This means that your dog can get in a pool, lake, pond or what have you, and swim around with no erratic splashing. The dog’s confidence should be at the highest level. The reason why we won’t let an immature dog participate is important for you to understand… if your dog gets “water freaked” in the slightest bit, not only could it ruin your dog from ever swimming again, but the likelihood of your dog losing his trust in you completely is great. That’s the last thing you want. We will only accept dogs that are above average swimmers.
Ultimate Air Dog Registration Form – 2022
6. Only ONE dog may be off lead at a time*.
a. This is the dog who’s turn it is on the dock. All other dogs must remain either on leash or kenneled at all times.
b. It is your responsibility to watch that the dog on the dock is back on lead before unleashing your dog.
*The exception to the one dog off lead at a time rule is when you have one handler/owner that owns 2 dogs, and the owner wants to use one of their dogs to help urge the other to jump. This is allowed and encouraged, as long as the owner has control of his dogs, no other dogs are off leash, and there are enough people
willing to help out when the dogs are coming out of the pool.
7. No abusive treatment of dogs will be permitted during or outside of competition.
a. This includes any harsh correction and collar jerks.
b. No pushing or pulling the dog up the stairs or into the pool. (The dog MUST go in on its own accord for the jump to be scored.)
c. “Training collars” are not allowed on the dock. This includes but is not limited to prong collars, pinch/choke collars, etc. Electronic “dummy” collars, or e collars in the “off” position are permitted on the dock, BUT the remote control must be left on the secretary’s desk. Nothing may be hanging off of collars, either. Failure to comply with this rule may result in disqualification.
e. We retain the right to ask anyone to leave our event at our discretion.
8. No vertical jumping into a UAD pool is allowed!
9. In the case of a dog biting a person, the offending dog’s owner will be asked to leave the event site immediately. Incident will be reviewed for severity; second offense will be a permanent ban from all UAD events.
10. No fighting allowed amongst handlers. Incident will be reviewed before judgment is given.
11. UAD reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
12. Respect the personal space (and social distance) of others.
a. When in line, it is your responsibility to be aware of the dog and human in front of you and behind you, keeping your dog out of reach of all others. Maintain a 6ft distance.
b. When leading your dog, be aware of all other dogs and humans around you. c. When in the Staging area, please do not touch the property of others without permission. This includes but is not limited to dogs, kennels and all other belongings.
13. There is No Poop Fairy… Pick up all of your waste.
a. We retain the right to ask anyone who has not picked up their dog’s waste, to leave the event.
b. You are responsible for bringing bags to pick up after your dog(s). Bags are sometimes available at the Registration desk, if you forgot yours. (Hand sanitizer is usually available.)
c. This also includes any garbage you or your family may accumulate while at the event, i.e.. Beverage bottles, paper products, etc…
14. There will be a designated Staging Area at events.
a. You are encouraged to bring a kennel, doggy waste bags, food, treats, water, bowls, towels, blankets, toys, an emergency medical kit and/or anything else necessary for your dog’s comfort and care while at the event. NOTE: WE DO NOT PROVIDE TOYS.
b. You are welcome to bring chairs, a pop-up canopy*, coolers, non-alcoholic beverages, food and anything else necessary for your family’s comfort and care while at the event. *Space is sometimes limited.
c. All of these things should remain within the Staging area.
15. All competitors and staff must conduct themselves in a civilized manner, which reflects the values of Ultimate Air Dogs.
a. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.
b. Common sense prevails.
16. CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: This Event is rain or shine.
a. Everyone MUST check in at the table outside the gate at least 30 minutes their jump on the event schedule, even if you have registered. Otherwise, you will not be included in the running order. Additions will not be made after the activity has begun.
b. Everyone who wants to get on the dock MUST have a Liability Waiver on file with us – there are no exceptions.
EVERY NEW DOG TO UAD MUST START BY ENTERING THE POOL VIA THE RAMP PRIOR TO GETTING ON THE DOCK… NO EXCEPTIONS! Dogs may practice during designated practice times or “try it times.” Dogs are available to practice at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm between each event.
Please respect others in line and only take 2 jumps per turn, then feel free to jump back in line. Each dog will get as many practices jumps as permitted by how much
time we have allotted.
19. Have Fun and Be Safe!